Why I choose biomimetics and what it means to me

Fast cars, massive engines and smart machines, this is all I was interested as a teenager, so were most of the kids in my neighborhood.  As an obvious choice I choose mechanical engineering as the next logical step based on my prior interests. Four years ago after graduating as a mechanical engineer I was faced with a choice most of the students encounter, what next?

During my research for a next probable step I came across the course ‘Bionics in energy systems’ which at that time I did not completely understand myself to be honest. After speaking to one the professors who taught bionics, I found myself curiously reading about bionics for the next days.  In the span of a month I had applied and got accepted into the course and very soon I found myself sitting in one of the first lectures. Contrary to my belief I was not happy in the first few months and I often questioned myself why I was learning about plants with a biologist (My fellow student colleague) or why am I looking at beetles for inspiration for water problems in a desert.

My group comprised of students from various backgrounds which was a major advantage as we could combine our knowledge for most of the projects. In the two years of my study my opinion that ‘bionics is only for biologist’, completely changed and though after completing my study I don’t find myself competent to find all the solutions, but I feel that I am equipped with skills and knowledge about where to look for solutions.

Nature is a result of millions of years of evolution and the techniques in nature can be used to solve problems in every field. Bionics can be used for designing something big as a solar collector for a space station based on a small bud or something as small as a nut shell inspiring a bullet proof car. The amazing concepts in nature and the simplicity of their design are quite inspiring to me and also the urge to share this knowledge with other curious people out there, is the reason why we write this blog.

Waseem Ahmed

I am Waseem Ahmed, I come from a Hyderabad, a huge city in south of India with a population in excess of seven million. My city is famous for its food and historically known as a pearl and diamond trading centre, and it continues to be known as the City of Pearls. I am passionate about motor-biking and have travelled a great deal with my motor bike. Being a very energetic person I love practical work which involves physically movement and as a child was always interested to build, assemble and dismantle things around me.

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