Getting to know… Us!


Hello readers,

Woooo hoooo, we survived for a year! 😛


For the anniversary week, I thought!  What could bring the authors and readers to better understand each other? We have written a lot about our backgrounds and our articles reflect our individuality. Though we have studied together we come from different scientific fields, different cultures and some different continents as well. One thing we all have in common, was the passion to share what we have learnt. The articles on the blog are either projects we did or they are the result of curiosity and interest in a certain topic. So far we have written about topics which might be interesting to us, we have had a few requests for articles on specific topics. I hope that you will write us more what you would like to read about.

I found this on the web and it reminded me of a conversation with a friend of mine.


drawing, anniversary

„Trash Talk“ (1)

On a more serious note, we want the readers to know us better. We have put together a short video clip from each author, to show you who we are and what inspires us to write the BlogIONIK.

Attention: The following videos require no parental guidance. 



Katharina Bunk

Anja Soklič

Waseem Ahmed

Jan Berger


Hope you enjoyed getting to know us better. We wish you readers a great day 🙂

Good bye, your BlogIONIK team.



Team Up!



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Waseem Ahmed

I am Waseem Ahmed, I come from a Hyderabad, a huge city in south of India with a population in excess of seven million. My city is famous for its food and historically known as a pearl and diamond trading centre, and it continues to be known as the City of Pearls. I am passionate about motor-biking and have travelled a great deal with my motor bike. Being a very energetic person I love practical work which involves physically movement and as a child was always interested to build, assemble and dismantle things around me.

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