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My name is Waseem Ahmed, I come from Hyderabad, a huge city in south of India with a population in excess of seven million. My city is famous for its food and historically known as a pearl and diamond trading centre, and it continues to be known as the ‚City of Pearls‘. I am passionate about motor-biking and have travelled a great deal with my motor bike. Being a very energetic person I love practical work which involves physically movement and as a child was always interested to build, assemble and dismantle things around me.

From a very young age I liked to fiddle with machines, but also was curious about working of natural mechanisms. I studied mechanical engineering and though it seemed like my thirst for practical work was quenched with my bachelor, I longed to get inspired with the nature around me. I often wondered how amazingly nature is engineered and if we could learn from it, then I came across the master course Bionics/Biomimetics in Energy Systems. I came to Austria for the sake of the master and fell in love with nature and since the day I started my master until today am still fascinated with the way nature works. I have shared on the blog a few things which fascinated me so read and enjoy.

Being curious and asking a lot of questions is how I have learned things so far, if you find yourself wondering or fascinated about something in nature share your thoughts with us 🙂

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  1. NAmrath N Hebabr   •  

    Hello Waseem,
    I am Namrath from India. I have got admitted to Rhein-Waal University of Applied Sciences where I will be pursuing masters in the field of Bionics. I wish to know what should I do in order to become a good Design Engineer in the filed of Bionics/Biomimetics. For me this filed is really new and I hope your suggestions would help me.

    • Waseem Ahmed   •  

      Hi Namrath,

      Bionics offers quite a few options for design engineers, specially taking into account which technology interests you(for example- light weight design, material science, lighting design etc). Since design engineering is a vast field itself, I could offer a Skype session where I could share my experiences and we could discuss in detail with respect to your previous education and experience which direction you would like to pursue.

      Kind regards

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