Biomimetics exhibition in Stuttgart

Autumn is here – winter is approaching – it’s time to visit some museums!

Today we have a special recommendation for you – a ‚must-see‘ for everyone interested in Biomimetics and living in southern Germany.


Last week, the special exhibition ‚baubionik – biologie beflügelt architektur‘ was opened in the museum ‚Schloss Rosenstein‘ in Stuttgart (located in the Rosensteinpark, next to the zoo ‚Wilhelma‘).

It will be open for the public until May 2018.


What is there to see?

The exhibition presents large- and small-scale demonstrators, videos, pictures, information material and interactive stations around the collaborative research centre SFB-TRR141: Biological Design and Integrative Structures. The individual subprojects present their research results of the last years, dealing with biomimetics – and more specifically with the synergy of biology, architecture, civil engineering, computational design and sustainability.

Almost all texts and videos in the exhibition are given in English and German!


What are the highlights?

The whole exhibition itself is a highlight – but of course especially the huge demonstrators are very impressive. A bio-inspired shading system facade (flectofold), a branched building structure with nodal elements out of continuously braided hulls or a pavilion consisting of porous light-weight concrete are only a few examples of the exhibits, which you are able to visit!


Need more details?

How to get to the museum? Pretty easy by car or train or bike (if you live in Stuttgart).

How much does it cost? Not much.

Can I go there with my students? Yes – and you should!

Are there some guided tours, lectures or workshops? Definitely!

Find all information about the exhibition and associated events here.


And what else?

Acompanying the exhibition, a popular scientific book (and a kind of exhibition catalogue) was published in German. The book is called ‚Baubionik‘ (edited by Jan Knippers, Ulrich Schmid and Thomas Speck) and is part of the series ‚Stuttgarter Beiträge zur Naturkunde, Serie C‘ . Without neglecting scientific accuracy, the book describes the diverse topics of biomimetics, presented in the exhibition, in an illustrative and comprehendable manner. An absolute recommendation (and also a nice Christmas present 🙂 ).


Did you visit the exhibition? What did you like most? What is your opinion about ‚baubionik‘?

Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts and comments with us and the other readers.

Katharina Bunk

My name is Katharina Bunk, I am 26 years old and work as a PhD student in the ‘Plant Biomechanics Group’ in the beautiful city of Freiburg. I studied Biology at the University of Munich followed by the Master program ‘Bionik/ Biomimetics in Energy Systems’ in Villach/ Austria. I am especially interested in Botany and therefore chose Plant Biomechanics as my main field of research.

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  1. Eloy Ruiz   •  

    Hi. This looks like a really interesting exhibition.
    I’m doing the MSc in Biomimicry in HSRW (Kleve), and as I’m interested in Biomimetics related to buildings I’ll try to form a group to go.

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