How I learned to stop worrying and

love… what I’m doing here. (sorry, at no time we planned to use or create bombs)

Honestly! It was such a short way.

Around 3 years ago I was finishing my thesis for the bachelor course renewable energy techniques. I wrote about the energy potential of water in the area around Villach/Austria. During my research I got into contact with Peter Piccottini, the program director of the master course Bionik/Biomimetics in Energy Systems. At this time I didn’t know that. So we arranged a meeting to talk about the rivers and lakes in the area. So I got my information I needed and was very happy about it. But this was not all, after my topic was finished Peter started to talk about his program and used a huge sketch on his board (It is still there and you can see it here in this TEDxTalk, sorry it’s in german). It was really impressive (and most important, it fitted to my interests.) After that 90min conversation I was asked about joining the course for a master degree and what should I say, I did it.

Sometimes, so is my experience, is a good feeling more worth than a perfect market situation. Honestly, having a master in civil engineering is might be a more save future perspective, but… (by the way… I love the word „but“! You can say anything adorable, cute or what else and directly after it you turn into the fleshy beast and turn all before in more than the opposite way… Or you use it as a stand alone phrase and let it speak for it self. This was fantastic! But…!)

Then the first day, you sit there in the seminar room with a bunch of people you never saw before and start to study with them. We got classes like biochemistry or biology and my mind was bending. We got classes like fluiddynamics or thermodynamics and my mind was laughing. We needed to help us to pass the courses, we were engineers and biologists. It was perfect.


Now, this course is over. I got my degree like the most of the others and got a nice job, but I won’t forget these course and the people that I met there. Now, with a small distance to the lectures and projects, I just can say: awesome.


And because of that awesomeness, this site exists. Now we try to show you, why we feel that way and what we had done.


warm regards,


Jan Berger

I'm Jan and I'm exploring this world since 1986. I work as an laboratory technician for surface analytics in the wonderful city of Villach/Austria. Before that I studied Bionik/Biomimetics in Energy Systems (MSc) and I have a degree as a Bachelor of Engineering for Renewable Energy Engineering. My favorite topics are membranes (biological and mechanical ones) and trees. Besides my job I administrate this blog and other homepages. Besides I do a bunch of other geeky stuff including lecturing biomimetics.

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