Merry Christmas and a happy new (exciting) year!

Dear BlogIONIK readers,

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2018!


We hope you will have a relaxing vacation, wonderful days with your families and friends, maybe some snow to do a little bit of winter sports and of course all the best for the upcoming year!


For us, the new year will be very exciting. New jobs, new cities, new family members: these are only a few examples of challenges which are awaiting us next year.

In addition to that, we are feeling the need for a new blog article format – and maybe even a bigger ’service program‘ and update. For the last one and a half years, we published in theme sessions which we found to be already a successful improvement, structuring our content and helping us in finding new topics for linked article series. Still – we believe BlogIONIK is ready for more changes.


For that reasons, we will reduce our activities and the publishing of new articles for some months now, to reshape our blog. Still – articles will pop up from time to time, so it will be worth to check the blog or our facebook page now and then! And of course, we are always happy for input from your side: what did you like until now? What do you think could be improved? Would you be interested in joining our team? Please contact us any time!


Have a great time!

Anja, Jan, Kathi & Waseem

Katharina Bunk

My name is Katharina Bunk, I am 26 years old and work as a PhD student in the ‘Plant Biomechanics Group’ in the beautiful city of Freiburg. I studied Biology at the University of Munich followed by the Master program ‘Bionik/ Biomimetics in Energy Systems’ in Villach/ Austria. I am especially interested in Botany and therefore chose Plant Biomechanics as my main field of research.

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