We are working on it! And studying in Villach

Dear readers,

After several weeks/months without a new article I should give you a small update.

  1. We are working on it!
  2. We are developing concepts and will start soon to share them with you.
  3. We will need your feedback.
  4. A new platform for graduated Biomimicry- and Biomimetics- adopters is in development.
  5. A new regional organisation is in development, too.

We are trying to leave behind our old concepts. There will be less focus on subjects from our study times. Of course, we still want to write about interesting ideas and new products and applications, it is just that: „We would like to grow“.

Studying in Villach

If you are interested in studying Biomimetics in Austria, now it is your time. There are still a few places available. In addition, we can assure you that every(!) new student of the Biomimetics course will recieve a scholarship, which will cover the tuition fees. This was one of the big projects of the bionikum:austria. The state of Carinthia itself is sponsoring most of the scholarships. For the others, there are different persons and companies responsible. (Thank you for this big support!)

The course description is available here.

And here the link to the online application: https://bewerbung.cuas.at/en/


Die beiden Inhalte der Links sind natürlich auch auf deutsch verfügbar. So wurde auch beantragt, dass das Studium auf deutschsprachig umgestellt wird. Die Entscheidung steht noch aus. Im Zweifel ist es aber nicht entscheident, da alle Lektoren multilingual sind.

Warum steht hier etwas auf deutsch? Weil in Zukunft einige Inhalte auch auf deutsch veröffentlich werden. Meistens werden diese Beiträge sich auf regionale Ergeignisse beziehen. Zusätzlich planen wir auch Inhalte für Schüler, quasi ein Blogionik-Junior.

Thank you for patience and reading our blog. We will keep you updated!


Kind regards,



Jan Berger

I'm Jan and I'm exploring this world since 1986. I work as an laboratory technician for surface analytics in the wonderful city of Villach/Austria. Before that I studied Bionik/Biomimetics in Energy Systems (MSc) and I have a degree as a Bachelor of Engineering for Renewable Energy Engineering. My favorite topics are membranes (biological and mechanical ones) and trees. Besides my job I administrate this blog and other homepages. Besides I do a bunch of other geeky stuff including lecturing biomimetics.

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