Status of Biomimetics in Villach/Austria

Hello there,

it was a rough month this April 2018.

1. Despite all efforts we could not prevent our Biomimetics course from death… It is cancelled! No more biomimetics at the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences. I am sad and angry and I still think it was not fair. In the end it is just politics and so we have to say goodbye.

2. When something ends, something begins. So, we are now more focused on building up a biomimetics competence center here in Villach. As soon we have more information about it, we will write about.

3. Sometimes two things start! Besides the work to create the competence center, I am also working on a community website for young (and possibly senior) professionals of the nature inspired disciplines. It will be called (at the moment) Feel free to take a look. It is just demo content, but later this year it will include a forum, a data share platform and contact information about everyone how wants to participate. In a later stage I hope that we can create more biomimetic/biomimicry content together.

4. Once the things have settled for us we will also restart the content creation process for this blog!

5. Furthermore, the International Project Week in Nordhausen happened again and you will get my report like every year!

kind regards



cover by AK Photography

Jan Berger

I'm Jan and I'm exploring this world since 1986. I work as an laboratory technician for surface analytics in the wonderful city of Villach/Austria. Before that I studied Bionik/Biomimetics in Energy Systems (MSc) and I have a degree as a Bachelor of Engineering for Renewable Energy Engineering. My favorite topics are membranes (biological and mechanical ones) and trees. Besides my job I administrate this blog and other homepages. Besides I do a bunch of other geeky stuff including lecturing biomimetics.

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