Biomimetics in Austria with Bionikum: Alpen-Adria

Dear readers,

First of all, we wish you a happy new year, full of nice moments and health!

It has been a while since we shared something with you on the blog, so it is about time to give you some news.

In Villach (Austria), where all four of us bloggers did out Master’s degree, there’s the club “Bionikum: Alpen-Adria” in which some of us are still active. Towards the end of last year, the club opened its door to everyone interested in Biomimetics by organizing open talks in Brain Rooms ® Carinthia, in the middle of this sunny historical city. These talks are short session lectures related to the Key session Bionik, with the aim to present different topics in a clear, brief and informative way to everyone.

By the end of last year, the club presented several biomimetic topics – general presentation of biomimetics and energy-bionics, natural strategies of energy harvest, bio-inspired architecture, etc. Every lecture turned out to be a trigger for an interesting discussion with the audience, which seemed to be glad getting the opportunity to learn more about Biomimetics from the local club.

All these lectures also have an important charity note. With the voluntary contributions the club helped one kid in need from the local community and provided funds for the art studio of the group of disabled.

The session plan for the first quartal of 2020 is already out. You can find it on their Facebook page. It covers topics, such as: use of materials for construction, electrostatic fields of plants, salt and temperature regulation from the biomimetic point of view, light generation, water vortex, packaging inside a tree bark, etc. The starting lecture about houses, made of completely natural materials, was booked out! It is a proof, that there is a big interest in biomimetic technologies, especially among young people. The voluntary contributions are this time dedicated to a forest project.

In case you are interested in their work or a cooperation, you can follow them on Facebook or Instagram, or contact them directly. But if you one day plan a trip to Villach, don’t forget to check the dates of session lectures and come by!


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Anja Boisselet

My name is Anja and I come from one of the most beautiful places on the world – Bled, a small town in a very small country called Slovenia but very beautiful! Imagine that in two hours you can traverse this country, passing high mountains, numerous rivers and lakes, valleys, vineyard hills, and finish on the coast. No wonder why I decided to start my studies in relation to nature.

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